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Laboratories Using Mathematica (companion to Calculus, Sixth Edition, and Calculus of a Single Variable, Second Edition, by Swokiwski, Olinick, and Pence)

L. Carl Leinbach
Book information

Publisher: PWS Publishing
Copyright year: 1994
ISBN: 0534936415
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 155
Out of print?: N
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Setting Up Mathematica and Using Its Graphic Capabilities | The Effects of Transformations on the Graph of a Function | Can You See a Limit? | The Relationship Between a Function and Its Derivative | Determining the Graphs of Functions from Data | Exploring Rules for Differentiation | Using the Derivative to Approximate the Value of a Function | Graphing Revisited |You and Your CAS--A Problem-Solving Duo: Applied Optimization Problems | Graphs of Antiderivatives and Solutions to Simple Differential Equations | Summation Notation and Some Sums | The Definition of the Definite Integral | Numerical Integration | An Application of the Definite Integral: Estimating Heating Costs | An Application of the Definite Integral: Underwater Navigation | Some Area Properties of Cubic Curves: An Exercise in Theorem Proving | Finding a "Natural" Base: An Exercise in Some Approximation Methods | Antiderivative Formulas Involving Exponential and Logarithmic Functions | Application of the Exponential Function: Some Models of Population Growth | Finding the Value of Infinite Series | Using Polynomials to Approximate the Values of Functions | Applying Polynomial Methods | Exploring Polar Coordinates | Functions of More Than One Variable

Collection of laboratories that are coordinated with the texts, but are not dependent upon them. Designed to encourage students to experiment with ideas, make conjectures, and run experiments.

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