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Nonlinear Control and Analytical Mechanics: A Computational Approach

Dr. Harry G. Kwatny
Organization: Techno-Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Gilmer L. Blankenship
Organization: Techno-Sciences, Inc.
Book information

Publisher: Birkhauser
Copyright year: 2000
ISBN: 0817641475
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 317
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Introduction | Introduction to Dynamical Systems | Introduction to Differential Geometry | Kinematics of Tree Structures | Dynamics | Smooth Affine Control Systems | Robust and Adaptive Control Systems | Variable Structure Control | Appendix & Reference Tables

A resource for mechanical and control engineers at all levels, from graduates to professionals and practitioners. This book highlights and utilizes the computational infrastructure common to both modern analytical mechanics and nonlinear control. An integrated approach gives a set of models and control design examples that are contemporary and practical. There are instructions for building explicit mathematical models for engineering design as well as simplified models for easier use. A CD-ROM provides extensive examples and exercises using Mathematica notebooks and programs.

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