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Probability: An Introduction with Statistical Applications

John J. Kinney
Organization: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: 1997
ISBN: 0471122106
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 513
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Sample Spaces and Random Variables | Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions | Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distributions | Functions of Random Variables, Generating Functions, and Statistical Applications | Bivariate Probability Distributions | Recursions and Markov Chains | Appendix

Textbook integrating the most important applications of probability to a variety of fields. Includes almost 1000 worked examples of varying difficulty. Uses Mathematica to provide insight into the structure as well as the results of problems. Covers reliability, acceptance sampling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and simple linear regression.

*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics