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Discovering Calculus with Mathematica, Second Edition

Cecilia A. Knoll
Michael D. Shaw
Jerry Johnson
Benny Evans
Book information

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: 1995
ISBN: 0471009768
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 340
Out of print?: Y
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Functions and Graphs | Limits | Differentiation | Applications of the Derivative | Riemann Sums and Integration | Applications of the Integral | Logarithmic and Exponential Functions | Hyperbolic and Inverse Trigonometric Functions | Numerical Integration | Improper Integrals | Infinite Series | Polar Coordinates and Parametric Equations | Vectors and Vector Valued Functions | Partial Derivatives | Multiple Integrals and Line Integrals | Differential Equations | Appendix

Innovative manual that allows students to use Mathematica as an investigative tool to explore calculus concepts numerically, graphically, symbolically, and verbally. Can be used with any textbook, but follows the general content and flow of Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Fifth Edition by H. Anton and Calculus, Seventh Edition by Salas and Hille.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations
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