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Calculus Labs Using Mathematica

Arthur G. Sparks
John W. Davenport
James P. Braselton
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Publisher: HarperCollins College Publishers
Copyright year: 1993
ISBN: 0065011961
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 253
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Introduction to Computing with Mathematica | Functions and Limits of Functions | Continuity | Secant Lines and Tangent Lines | Slopes, Tangent Lines and Derivatives | Composition of Functions and the Chain Rule | Related Rates and Implicit Differentiation | Graphing Functions Using Properties of the Derivative | Applied Max/Min Problems (one variable) | Antidifferentiation | Riemann Sums | Area | The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus | The Mean Value Theorem for Integrals | Volumes of Solids of Revolution | Work = Force through Distance | Inverse Functions | Logarithmic/Exponential Functions & Rates of Growth | Improper Integrals | Monotone Sequences and Rates of Growth | Series | Taylor Polynomials | Approximations by Taylor Polynomials | Applications of Power Series | Parametric Equations and Quadratic Equations | Graphing in Polar Coordinates | Vector Algebra | Parametric Curves | Surfaces in 3-space | Partial Derivatives

A series of 39 topical labs structured as a supplement to any traditional calculus text. Designed to enhance and broaden the student's understanding of calculus by incorporating Mathematica's numerical, symbolic, and graphical capabilities. Each lab introduces appropriate Mathematica commands, illustrates these commands by numerous examples, and provides exercises.

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