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Calculus Projects Using Mathematica, Revised Edition

Alfred D. Andrew
G. L. Cain
S. Crum
T. D. Morley
Book information

Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Copyright year: 1993
ISBN: 0070018677
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 193
Out of print?: Y
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Using Mathematica | Reflections on Differentiation | The Mean Value Theorem and the Race Track Problem | The Brightness of Venus | Plotting Curves in Polar Coordinates | Riemann Sums and Approximations of Integrals | Porsche 911 Performance | Computing the Lengths of Elliptical Orbits | Rainbows | Differential Equations | Design of a DC Power Supply | Taylor Polynomials | Series Solutions of Differential Equations | Vector Functions and Parametric Curves | Sliding Beads | Envelopes of Families of Curves | Functions of Several Variables | Constrained Optimization, LaGrange Multipliers | Projectile Motion with Air Resistance | Multiple Integrals | Rolling Bodies | The Wankel Rotary Engine | Parametric Surfaces

Contains a set of Mathematica projects to accompany a 4-semester calculus program. Designed to facilitate an understanding of the fundamental ideas of calculus and its application to problems in science, mathematics, and engineering.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus
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