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Calculus Explorations with Mathematica

Jack K. Cohen
Organization: Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado School of Mines
Frank G. Hagin
Book information

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: 1995
ISBN: 0133286185
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 142
Out of print?: N
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Tutorial Exercises | Graphical Equation Solving | The Asteroid Problem | Derivatives, Slopes and Tangent Lines | Limits & Continuity | Limits with Mathematica | The Binomial Theorem and Calculus | Derivatives in Mathematica | Bisection Method | Newton's Method | Snell's Law and Other Applications | Chaos | Finding Roots with Mathematica | Area | Numerical Integration I | Numerical Integration II | The Tank Problem | Arclength | Work Along an Arc | Curve Fitting for Discrete Data Sets | Linearization of Nonlinear Data | Simple Harmonic Motion | Fourier Frequency Decomposition | The Piston Problem | Integration in Mathematica | Techniques of Integration | The Probability Integral | Approximation by Taylor Polynomials | Taylor Series-Advanced Usage | Functions Defined by Integrals | Plotting in Polar Coordinates | Analytical Geometry | Classifying Conics | Parametric Curves in 2D | Twisting Space Curves | Vectors and Work | Newton's Method in 2D | Center of Mass | Force Applications in 3D | Inverse Square Law Problems | Solving Differential Equations | Line Integrals and Work

A lab manual containing weekly projects covering a three semester calculus course. Accompanied by a diskette containing Mathematica notebooks for each project that provide code serving as copy and paste templates for the exercises.

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