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Multifrequency Doppler: Improving the Quality of Spectral Estimation by Making Full Use of the Information Present in the Backscattered RF Echoes

T. Loupas
R. Gill
Journal / Anthology

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
Year: 1994
Volume: 41
Issue: 4
Page range: 522-531

This paper investigates the application of the two-dimensional Fourier transform in the context of pulsed wave Doppler. It is shown that two-dimensional spectral analysis of the backscattered RF echoes provides individual Doppler spectra corresponding to the whole range of transmitted frequencies which can be combined, after proper scaling, to form a "multifrequency" spectral estimate. Theoretical expressions are derived for the signal-to-noise ratio of the multifrequency sonogram which predict substantial gains over the conventional (one-dimensional) approach for Doppler processing. These predictions are verified by means of extensive simulation, which also provide an insight into the effect of electronic noise.

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