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Visualizing large-order groups with computer-generated Cayley tables

J. M. Campbell
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
Year: 2017
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Page range: 67-99

Large-order finite groups have been made the subject of artwork through abstract computer-generated pictures corresponding to Cayley tables which have been presented in some recent mathematical art exhibits and galleries. In our present article, we further explore the concept of using computer art to visualize large-order groups, by offering some new computer-generated large-scale coloured Cayley tables. We present artistic depictions of basic group-theoretic concepts, and we also discuss some potential pedagogical benefits of computer-generated artwork based on large-scale Cayley tables. We also consider some open questions concerning group theory and pedagogy in mathematics.

*Arts and Humanities
*Arts and Humanities > Visual Art