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A mathematical method for precisely calculating the radiographic angles of the cup after total hip arthroplasty

Jing-Xin Zhao
Xiu-Yun Su
Ruo-Xiu Xiao
Zhe Zhao
Li-Hai Zhang
Li-Cheng Zhang
Pei-Fu Tang
Journal / Anthology

Medical Engineering and Physics
Year: 2016
Volume: 38
Page range: 1376-1381

We established a mathematical method to precisely calculate the radiographic anteversion (RA) and ra- diographic inclination (RI) angles of the acetabular cup based on anterior–posterior (AP) pelvic radio- graphs after total hip arthroplasty. Using Mathematica software, a mathematical model for an oblique cone was established to simulate how AP pelvic radiographs are obtained and to address the relationship between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry of the opening circle of the cup. In this model, the vertex was the X-ray beam source, and the generatrix was the ellipse in radiographs projected from the opening circle of the acetabular cup. Using this model, we established a series of mathematical formulas to reveal the differences between the true RA and RI cup angles and the measurements results achieved using traditional methods and AP pelvic radiographs and to precisely calculate the RA and RI cup angles based on post-operative AP pelvic radiographs. Statistical analysis indicated that traditional methods should be used with caution if traditional measurements methods are used to calculate the RA and RI cup angles with AP pelvic radiograph. The entire calculation process could be performed by an orthopedic surgeon with mathematical knowledge of basic matrix and vector equations.

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