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MathIOmica: An Integrative Platform for Dynamic Omics

G. I. Mias
Tahir Yusufaly
R. Roushangar
Lavida R. K. Brooks
Vikas V. Singh
Christina Christou
Journal / Anthology

Scientific Reports
Year: 2016
Volume: 6

Multiple omics data are rapidly becoming available, necessitating the use of new methods to integrate different technologies and interpret the results arising from multimodal assaying. The MathIOmica package for Mathematica provides one of the first extensive introductions to the use of the Wolfram Language to tackle such problems in bioinformatics. The package particularly addresses the necessity to integrate multiple omics information arising from dynamic profiling in a personalized medicine approach. It provides multiple tools to facilitate bioinformatics analysis, including importing data, annotating datasets, tracking missing values, normalizing data, clustering and visualizing the classification of data, carrying out annotation and enumeration of ontology memberships and pathway analysis. We anticipate MathIOmica to not only help in the creation of new bioinformatics tools, but also in promoting interdisciplinary investigations, particularly from researchers in mathematical, physical science and engineering fields transitioning into genomics, bioinformatics and omics data integration.