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Vectorial Platform for Manipulating the Polarization Mode Train Realized with Jones Vectors in Mathematica

Taw Wan Kim
Hee-Joong Yun
Journal / Anthology

Journal of the Korean Physical Society
Year: 2016
Volume: 69
Issue: 5
Page range: 697-707

A fundamental concept in physics of polarization propagation of electromagnetic waves is newly understood as a cardinal keyword in quantum cryptography transport technology and cosmology. Recently, interactive visualization of the propagation mechanism of polarized electromagnetism in a medium with helicity has received attention from scientists in the age of information and communication. This study presents a new dynamic polarization platform that manipulates the polarization mode train of a transverse electromagnetic wave by using calculations with Jones vectors in the symbolic program Mathematica. The train of polarization modes is converted continuously through a desirable lineup of optical elements in the platform. The platform simulates a propagation process that satisfies Maxwell’s two vector equations precisely with helicity in the vectorial nature of the electromagnetic wave.

*Science > Physics