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Rayleigh waves in liquid layer resting over an initially stressed orthotropic half-space under self-weight

Sanjeev Anand Sahu
Soniya Chaudhary
Pradeep Kumar Saroj
Amares Chattopadhyay
Journal / Anthology

Arabian Journal of Geosciences
Year: 2017
Volume: 1
Issue: 120

The study of surface waves (Rayleigh wave) finds their virtuous applications in a numerous geological and geophysical fields including water, oil, gas, and other subsurface geological probing and exploration. The present paper efforts to investigate the influence of initial stress, Earth magnetism, and gravity on propagation of Rayleigh waves. Considered model is consist of a liquid layer lying over a magnetoelastic orthotropic half-space under self-weight and initial stress. Method of separation of variable is used to solve the equation of motion. Solutions of governing equations are obtained in terms of displacement. Frequency relation for Rayleigh wave has been obtained and matched with classical Rayleigh wave equation. In addition to classical case, some existing results have been deduced as particular case of the present study. Obtained results have been shown through numerical illustrations. It is found that the considered parameters (initial stress, Earth magnetism, and gravity) have prominent effect on phase velocity of Rayleigh wave. Graphical representations have been made to exhibit the velocity profile of Rayleigh waves for different cases with the help of MATHEMATICA. The present study may be useful for seismologists and engineers who are concern with applications of wave propagation in magnetoelastic orthotropic medium.

*Science > Geology and Geophysics