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Optimal q-homotopy analysis method for time-space fractional gas dynamics equation

K. M. Saad
E.H. AL-Shareef
Mohamed S. Mohamed
Xiao-Jun Yang
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2017
Volume: 132
Issue: 23

It is well known that the homotopy analysis method is one of the most efficient methods for obtaining analytical or approximate semi-analytical solutions of both linear and non-linear partial differential equations. A more general form of HAM is introduced in this paper, which is called Optimal q-Homotopy Analysis Method (Oq-HAM). It has better convergence properties as compared with the usual HAM, due to the presence of fraction factor associated with the solution. The convergence of q-HAM is studied in details elsewhere (M.A. El-Tawil, Int. J. Contemp. Math. Sci. 8, 481 (2013)). Oq-HAM is applied to the non-linear homogeneous and non-homogeneous time and space fractional gas dynamics equations with initial condition. An optimal convergence region is determined through the residual error. By minimizing the square residual error, the optimal convergence control parameters can be obtained. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method are verified by comparison with the exact solution of the fractional gas dynamics equation. Also, it is shown that the Oq-HAM for the fractional gas dynamics equation is equivalent to the exact solution. We obtain graphical representations of the solutions using MATHEMATICA.

*Science > Physics