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Package-X 2.0: A Mathematica package for the analytic calculation of one-loop integrals

Hiren H. Patel
Journal / Anthology

Computer Physics Communications
Year: 2017
Volume: 218
Page range: 66-70

This article summarizes new features and enhancements of the first major update of Package-X. Package- X 2.0 can now generate analytic expressions for arbitrarily high rank dimensionally regulated tensor integrals with up to four distinct propagators, each with arbitrary integer weight, near an arbitrary even number of spacetime dimensions, giving UV divergent, IR divergent, and finite parts at (almost) any real-valued kinematic point. Additionally, it can generate multivariable Taylor series expansions of these integrals around any non-singular kinematic point to arbitrary order. All special functions and abbreviations output by Package-X 2.0 support Mathematica’s arbitrary precision evaluation capabilities to deal with issues of numerical stability. Finally, tensor algebraic routines of Package-X have been polished and extended to support open fermion chains both on and off shell. The documentation (equivalent to over 100 printed pages) is accessed through Mathematica’s Wolfram Documentation Center and contains information on all Package-X symbols, with over 300 basic usage examples, 3 project-scale tutorials, and instructions on linking to FeynCalc and LoopTools.

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