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ParticleRecognition, a Mathematica GUI interface for analysis of complex shaped nanoparticles in micrographs

Filip Novotný
Organization: CTU in Prague
Department: Researcher, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Journal / Anthology

Computer Physics Communications
Year: 2017
Volume: 214
Page range: 98-104

A Mathematica application providing the user with a graphical interface (GUI) is presented and published, which can be used to interactively explore image filtering and segmentation methods to analyse variously shaped particles in a microscopic image. The application functionality is designed around Mathematica’s in-built image processing capability with custom designed functions specialized at segmenting greyscale microscope images. The main contribution is a specially designed GUI which allows the characterization of segmented particles based on their morphological properties, with focus given to differentiation of the shapes of the segmented particles. The application provides a convenient way of navigating through the myriad of ways to analyse particles in micrographs.

*Science > Physics