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rdml: A Mathematica package for parsing and importing Real‑Time qPCR data

Ramiro Magno
Isabel Duarte
Raquel P. Andrade
Isabel Palmeirim
Journal / Anthology

BMC Research Notes
Year: 2017
Volume: 10
Issue: 208

Objective: The purpose and objective of the research presented is to provide a package for easy importing of Real- Time PCR data markup language (RDML) data to Mathematica. Results: Real-Time qPCR is the most widely used experimental method for the accurate quantification of gene expression. To enable the straightforward archiving and sharing of qPCR data and its associated experimental information, an XML-based data standard was developed—the Real-Time PCR data markup language (RDML)—devised by the RDML consortium. Here, we present rdml, a package to parse and import RDML data into Mathematica, allowing the quick loading and extraction of relevant data, thus promoting the re-analysis, meta-analysis or experimental revalidation of gene expression data deposited in RDML format.

*Science > Biology
*Science > Medicine