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Development of a set of benchmark problems to verify numerical methods for solving burnup equations

Daniel Lago
Farzad Rahnema
Journal / Anthology

Annals of Nuclear Energy
Year: 2017
Volume: 99
Page range: 266-271

A comprehensive set of transmutation chain benchmark problems for numerically validating methods for solving burnup equations was created. These benchmark problems were designed to challenge both traditional and modern numerical methods used to solve the complex set of ordinary differential equations used for tracking the change in nuclide concentrations over time due to nuclear phenomena. Given the development of most burnup solvers is done for the purpose of coupling with an established transport solution method, these problems provide a useful resource in testing and validating the burnup equation solver before coupling for use in a lattice or core depletion code. All the relevant parameters for each benchmark problem are described. Results are also provided in the form of reference solutions generated by the Mathematica tool, as well as additional numerical results from MATLAB.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics