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Group-theoretical search for rows or columns of the lepton mixing matrix

Darius Jurcˇiukonis
Luís Lavoura
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Year: 2017
Volume: 44

We have used the SmallGroups library of groups, together with the computer algebra systems GAP and Mathematica, to search for groups with a three-dimensional irreducible representation in which one of the group generators has a twice-degenerate eigenvalue while another generator has nondegenerate eigenvalues. By assuming one of these group generators to commute with the charged-lepton mass matrix and the other one to commute with the neutrino (Dirac) mass matrix, one derives group-theoretical predictions for the moduli of the matrix elements of either a row or a column of the lepton mixing matrix. Our search has produced several realistic predictions for either the second row, or the third row, or for any of the columns of that matrix.

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