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Dark Soliton Solutions of Klein-Gordon-Zakharov Equation in (1+2) Dimensions

Seyma Tuluce Demiray
Hasan Bulut
Organization: University of Firat
Department: Department of Mathematics
Journal / Anthology

AIP Conference Proceedings
Year: 2017
Volume: 1798

This study base on dark soliton solutions of Klein-Gordon-Zakharov (KGZ) equation in (1+2) dimensions. The generalized Kudryashov method (GKM) which is one of the analytical methods has been handled for finding exact solutions of KGZ equation in (1+2) dimensions. By using this method, dark soliton solutions of this equation have been obtained. Also, by using Mathematica Release 9, some graphical simulations were done to see the behavior of these solutions.

*Science > Physics