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Simulation of the approximate solutions of the time-fractional multi-term wave equations

E. A. Abdel-Rehim
A. M. A. El-Sayed
A. S. Hashem
Journal / Anthology

Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Year: 2017
Volume: 73
Page range: 1134-1154

In this paper, simulations of the approximation solutions of time-fractional wave, forced wave (shear wave), and damped wave equations are given. The common finite difference rules besides the backward Grünwald–Letnikov scheme are used to find the approximation solution of these models. The paper discusses also the effects of the memory, the internal force (resistance) and the external force on the travelling wave. The Von-Neumann stability conditions are also considered and discussed for these models. Besides the simulations of the time evolutions of the approximation solutions, the stationary solutions are also simulated. The numerical results are obtained by the Mathematica software.

*Applied Mathematics