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Processing Digital Images and Calculation of Beam Emittance (Pepper-Pot Method for the Krion Source)

V. S. Alexandrov
E. E. Donets
E. V. Nyukhalova
A. K. Kaminsky
S. N. Sedykh
A. V. Tuzikov
A. V. Philippov
Journal / Anthology

Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters
Year: 2016
Volume: 13
Issue: 7
Page range: 767-770

Programs for the pre-processing of photographs of beam images on the mask based on Wolfram Mathematica and Origin software are described. Angles of rotation around the axis and in the vertical plane are taken into account in the generation of the file with image coordinates. Results of the emittance calculation by the Pep_emit program written in Visual Basic using the generated file in the test mode are presented.

*Science > Physics