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A way of computer use in mathematics teaching -The effectiveness that visualization brings-

Shuichi Yamamoto
Naonori Ishii
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the tenth international conference Models in developing mathematics education
Year: 2009
Page range: 606 - 610

We report a class of the mathematics in which an animation technology (calculating and plotting capabilities) of the software Mathematica is utilized. This class is taught for university students in a computer laboratory during a second semester. It is our purpose to make a student realize the usefulness and the importance of mathematics easily through visualization. In addition, we hope that students will acquire a new power of mathematics needed in the 21st century. For several years, we have continued this kind of class, and have continued to investigate the effectiveness that our teaching method (especially visualization) brings in the understanding of the mathematics. In this paper, we present some of this teaching method, which is performed in our class. From the questionnaire survey, it is found that our teaching method not only convinces students that the mathematics is useful or important but also deepens the mathematic understanding of students more.