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Software emulator of nuclear pulse generation with different pulse shapes and pile-up

Jiri Pechousek
Daniel Konecny
Petr Novak
Lukas Kouril
Pavel Kohout
Cuneyt Celiktas
Milan Vujtek
Journal / Anthology

NuclearInstrumentsandMethodsin PhysicsResearchA
Year: 2016
Volume: 828
Page range: 81-85

The optimal detection of output signals from nuclear counting devices represents one of the key physical factors that govern accuracy and experimental reproducibility. In this context,the fine calibration of the detector under diverse experimental scenarios, although time costly, is necessary. However this process can be rendered easier with the use of systems that work in lieu of emulators. In this report we describe an innovative programmable pulse generator device capable to emulate the scintillation detector signals, in a way to mimic the detector performances under a variety of experimental conditions. The emulator generates a defined number of pulses, with a given shape and amplitude in the form of a sampled detector signal. The emulator output is then used off-line by a spectrometric system in order to setup its optimal performance. Three types of pulse shapes are produced by our device, with the possibility toa dd noise and pulse pile-up effects into the signal. The efficiency of the pulse detection, pile-up rejection and/ or correction, together with the dead-time of the system, are therein analyzed through the use of some specific algorithms for pulse processing,and the results obtained validate the beneficial use of emulators for the accurate calibration process of spectrometric systems.

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