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Two-particle atomic coalescences: Boundary conditions for the Fock coefficient components

Evgeny Z. Liverts
Organization: Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Department: Racah Institute of Physics
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2016
Volume: 94
Issue: 2

The exact values of the presently determined components of the angular Fock coefficients at the two-particle coalescences were obtained and systematized. The Green’s-function approach was successfully applied to simplify the most complicated calculations. The boundary conditions for the Fock coefficient components in hyperspherical angular coordinates, which follow from the Kato cusp conditions for the two-electron wave function in the natural interparticle coordinates, were derived. The validity of the obtained boundary conditions was verified with examples of all the presently determined components. The additional boundary conditions not arising from the Kato cusp conditions were obtained as well. Wolfram’s Mathematica was used extensively to obtain these results.

*Science > Physics