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Mathematical modeling as a tool for determination of tendencies in changes of humus concentration in soil of arable lands

Lidiya Moklyachuk
Igor Yatsuk
Oleksandr Mokliachuk
Larissa Plaksiuk
Journal / Anthology

Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture
Year: 2016
Volume: 28
Issue: 6
Page range: 438-448

Level of sustainability of agricultural production is characterized by balance of nutrients in soil. Using monitoring data, conducted by the State Institution “Institute of Soil of Ukraine”, nitrogen balance is calculated for two Ukrainian regions – Ternopil and Kirovograd Adding nutrients and removal of them with the harvest was taken into account. Particular attention has been given to nitrogen. Intensity of nitrogen balance in Kirovograd region was 64.5%, which indicates loss of humus – soil organic matter. Intensity of nitrogen balance in agricultural soil of Ternopil region was satisfactory – 108.1%. With the aim of soil humus state evaluation, a prognosis mathematical model was developed in Wolfram Mathematica 9 to estimate humus change in both regions.