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New approach for solving a class of singular boundary value problem arising in various physical models

Pradip Roul
Ujwal Warbhe
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Mathematical Chemistry
Year: 2016
Volume: 54
Issue: 6
Page range: 1255-1285

A new efficient recursive numerical scheme is presented for solving a class of singular two-point boundary value problems that arise in various physical models. The approach is based on the homotopy perturbation method in which we establish a recursive scheme without any undetermined coefficients to approximate the singular boundary value problems. The convergence analysis of the present method is discussed. Several numerical examples are provided to show the efficiency of our method for obtaining approximate solutions and to analyze its accuracy. The numerical results reveal that the present method yields a very rapid convergence of the solution without requiring much computational effort. The approximate solution obtained by the present method shows its superiority over existing methods. The Mathematica codes for numerical computation of singular boundary value problems are provided in the paper.

*Science > Chemistry