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A New Vision of Classical Multi-regional Input–Output Models

George E. Halkos
Organization: University of Thessaly
Department: Laboratory of Operations Research, Department of Economics
Kyriaki D. Tsilika
Organization: University of Thessaly
Department: Department of Economics
Journal / Anthology

Computational Economics
Year: 2018
Volume: 51
Issue: 3
Page range: 571–594

We present classical multi-regional multi-sectoral input–output trade structures from the perspective of networks. Unlike existing approaches by which dynamic changes in structures are studied, here, emphasis is given on recovering the stable structure architecture of interrelations in the input–output model. By self-explanatory visual outputs we display the connectivity patterns, interactions of the trading partners, the number of trade linkages per trader and the density of interrelations of the network. Our network analysis traces causal relationships, feedback loops and examines certain global structural properties. The whole computational approach is implemented in Mathematica. Our programming style allows for the creation of iterative schemes explaining the the linkage development among sectors, the influence of regions and sectors system-wise, aspects of the nature of trade and, the evolution of spatial trading/production cycles in growing trading networks.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization
*Business and Economics > Economics

Qualitative inputoutput analysis, Trade data visualization, Mathematica-based computations, Graph theory, Topology