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Dynamic behavior of pipes conveying gas–liquid two-phase flow

Chen An
Organization: Offshore Oil/Gas Research Center, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Jian Su
Organization: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Engineering and Design
Year: 2015
Volume: 292
Page range: 204-212

In this paper, the dynamic behavior of pipes conveying gas–liquid two-phase flow was analytically andnumerically investigated on the basis of the generalized integral transform technique (GITT). The use ofthe GITT approach in the analysis of the transverse vibration equation lead to a coupled system of secondorder differential equations in the dimensionless temporal variable. The Mathematica’s built-in function,NDSolve, was employed to numerically solve the resulting transformed ODE system. The characteristicsof gas–liquid two-phase flow were represented by a slip-ratio factor model that was devised and used forsimilar problems. Good convergence behavior of the proposed eigenfunction expansions is demonstratedfor calculating the transverse displacement at various points of pipes conveying air–water two-phaseflow. Parametric studies were performed to analyze the effects of the volumetric gas fraction and thevolumetric flow rate on the dynamic behavior of pipes conveying air–water two-phase flow. Besides, thenormalized volumetric-flow-rate stability envelope for the dynamic system was obtained.