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Quantum spectral curve as a tool for a perturbative quantum field theory

Christian Marboe
Dmytro Volin
Organization: Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Physics B
Year: 2015
Volume: 899
Page range: 810-847

An iterative procedure perturbatively solving the quantum spectral curve of planar N=4SYM for any operator in the sl(2) sector is presented. AMathematicanotebook executing this procedure is enclosed. The obtained results include 10-loop computations of the conformal dimensions of more than ten different operators. We prove that the conformal dimensions are always expressed, at any loop order, in terms of multiple zeta-values with coefficients from an algebraic number field determined by the one-loop Baxter equation. We observe that all the perturbative results that were computed explicitly are given in terms of a smaller algebra: single-valued multiple zeta-values times the algebraic numbers.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics