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12 loops and triple wrapping in ABJM theory from integrability

Lorenzo Anselmetti
Diego Bombardelli
Andrea Cavagli`
Roberto Tateo
Journal / Anthology

Journal of High Energy Physics
Year: 2015
Issue: 10

Adapting a method recently proposed by C. Marboe and D. Volin for N=4 super-Yang-Mills, we develop an algorithm for a systematic weak coupling expansion of the spectrum of anomalous dimensions in the sl(2)-like sector of planar N=6 super-Chern- Simons. The method relies on the Quantum Spectral Curve formulation of the problem and the expansion is written in terms of the interpolating function h(), with coefficients expressible as combinations of Euler-Zagier sums with alternating signs. We present explicit results up to 12 loops (six nontrivial orders) for various twist-1 and twist-2 operators, corresponding to triple and double wrapping terms, respectively, which are beyond the reach of the Asymptotic Bethe Ansatz as well as Lšuscher’s corrections. The algorithm works for generic states in this sector and in principle can be used to compute arbitrary orders of the weak coupling expansion. For the simplest operator with L=1 and spin S=1, the PadŽe extrapolation of the 12-loop result nicely agrees with the available Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz data in a relatively wide range of values of the coupling. A Mathematica notebook with a selection of results is attached.

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