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A Simple Quantum Integro-Differential Solver (SQuIDS)

Carlos A. ArgŁelles Delgado
J. Salvador
Christopher N. Weaver
Journal / Anthology

Computer Physics Communications
Year: 2015
Volume: 196
Page range: 569-591

Simple Quantum Integro-Differential Solver (SQuIDS) is a C++ code designed to solve semi-analytically the evolution of a set of density matrices and scalar functions. This is done efficiently by expressing all operators in an SU(N) basis. SQuIDS provides a base class from which users can derive new classes to include new non-trivial terms from the right hand sides of density matrix equations. The code was designed in the context of solving neutrino oscillation problems, but can be applied to any problem that involves solving the quantum evolution of a collection of particles with Hilbert space of dimension up to six.

*Science > Physics