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Maximal noiseless code rates for collective rotation channels on qudits

Chi-Kwong Li
Mikio Nakahara
Yiu-Tung Poon
Nung-Sing Sze
Journal / Anthology

Quantum Information Processing
Year: 2015
Volume: 14
Issue: 11
Page range: 4039-4055

We study noiseless subsystems on collective rotation channels of qudits, i.e., quantum channels with operators in the set E(d, n) = {U⊗n : U ∈ SU(d)}. This is done by analyzing the decomposition of the algebra A(d, n) generated by E(d, n). We summarize the results for the channels on qubits (d = 2) and obtain the maximum dimension of the noiseless subsystem that can be used as the quantum error correction code for the channel. Then we extend our results to general d. In particular, it is shown that the code rate, i.e., the number of protected qudits over the number of physical qudits, always approaches 1 for a suitable noiseless subsystem. Moreover, one can determine the maximum dimension of the noiseless subsystem by solving a non-trivial discrete optimization problem. The maximum dimension of the noiseless subsystem for d = 3 (qutrits) is explicitly determined by a combination of mathematical analysis and the symbolic software Mathematica.

*Information Science and Technology