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Pedagogical View of Model Metabolic Cycles

Victor Garcia-Herrero
Antonio Sillero
Journal / Anthology

Biotechnology Education
Year: 2015
Volume: 43
Issue: 6
Page range: 468-475

The main purpose of this study was to present a simplified view of model metabolic cycles. Although the models have been elaborated with the Mathematica Program, and using a system of differential equations, the main conclusions were presented in a rather intuitive way, easily understandable by students of general courses of Biochemistry, and without any need of mathematical support. A change in any kinetic constant (Km or Vmax) of only one enzyme affected the metabolic profile of all the substrates of the cycle. In addition, it is shown how an increase in the Km or a decrease in the Vmax values of any particular enzyme promoted an increase of its substrate; the contrary occurred decreasing the Km or increasing the Vmax values.