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FaRe: A Mathematica package for tensor reduction of Feynman integrals

Michele Re Fiorentin
Journal / Anthology

International Journal of Modern Physics C
Year: 2016
Volume: 27
Issue: 3

In this paper, we present FaRe, a package for Mathematica that implements the decomposition of a generic tensor Feynman integral, with arbitrary loop number, into scalar integrals in higher dimension. In order for FaRe to work, the package FeynCalc is needed, so that the tensor structure of the diŽerent contributions is preserved and the obtained scalar integrals are grouped accordingly. FaRe can prove particularly useful when it is preferable to handle Feynman integrals with free Lorentz indices and tensor reduction of high-order integrals is needed. This can then be achieved with several powerful existing tools.

*Science > Physics