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MassToMI—A Mathematica package for an automatic Mass Insertion expansion

Janusz Rosiek
Journal / Anthology

Computer Physics Communications
Year: 2016
Volume: 201
Page range: 144-158

We present a Mathematica package designed to automatize the expansion of transition amplitudes calculated in the mass eigenstates basis (i.e. expressed in terms of physical masses and mixing matrices) into series of ‘‘mass insertions’’, defined as off-diagonal entries of mass matrices in Lagrangian before diagonalization and identification of the physical states. The algorithm implemented in this package is based on the general ‘‘Flavor Expansion Theorem’’ proven in Dedes et al. (2015). The supplied routines are able to automatically analyze the structure of the amplitude, identify the parts which could be expanded and expand them to any required order. They are capable of dealing with amplitudes depending on both scalar or vector (Hermitian) and Dirac or Majorana fermion (complex) mass matrices. The package can be downloaded from the address www.fuw.edu.pl/masstomi.

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