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The Zeta (2220) Revisited: Strong Decays of the 13F2 and 13F4 ss Mesons

H. Blundell
S. Godfrey
Journal / Anthology

Physical Review D
Year: 1996
Volume: 53
Issue: 7
Page range: 3700-3711

We calculate the decay widths of the 1^3F2 and 1^3F4 ss mesons and compare them to the measured properties of the zeta (2220) [now known as the F4(2220)]. Including previously neglected decay modes we find that the width of the ^3F2 state ss meson is much larger than previously believed, making this explanation unlikely. On the other hand the predicted width of the ^3F4 state, although broader than the observed width, is consistent within the uncertainties of the model. This interpretation predicts large partial widths to KK*(892) and K*(892)K*(892) final states which should be looked for. A second possibility that would account for the different properties of the zeta (2220) seen in different experiments is that two hadronic states exist at this mass. The first would be a broader ^3F4 ss state which is seen in hadron beam experiments while the second would be a narrow state with high glue content seen in the gluon rich J1psi radiative decay. Further experimental results are needed to sort this out.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics