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Cosmological Evolution of Statistical System of Scalar Charged Particles

Yurii Ignat'ev
A. A. Agathonov
Mikhail Mikhailov
Dmitry Ignatyev
Journal / Anthology

Astrophysics and Space Science
Year: 2015
Volume: 357
Issue: 61

In the paper we consider the macroscopic model of plasma of scalar charged particles, obtained by means of the statistical averaging of the mi- croscopic equations of particle dynamics in a scalar eld. On the basis of kinetic equations, obtained from averaging, and their strict integral con- sequences, a self-consistent set of equations is formulated which describes the self-gravitating plasma of scalar charged particles. It was obtained the corresponding closed cosmological model which also was numerically simulated for the case of one-component degenerated Fermi gas and two- component Boltzmann system. It was shown that results depend weakly on the choice of a statistical model. Two speci c features of cosmological evolution of a statistical system of scalar charged particles were obtained with respect to cosmological evolution of the minimal interaction models: appearance of giant bursts of invariant cosmological acceleration at the time interval 8  103  2  104tPl and strong heating (3  8 orders of mag- nitude) of a statistical system at the same times. The presence of such features can modify the quantum theory of generation of cosmological gravitational perturbations.

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