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Parameters Extraction of the Au/SnO2-Si(n)/Al p-n Junction Solar Cell Using Lambert WFunction

Chokri Hadj Belgacem
Aymen Ahmed El-Amin
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2015
Volume: 7
Page range: 279–282

The paper present a simple method for the extraction of solar cells parameters with a single diode circuitmodel from its dark characteristic and considering the series and shunt resistances. In order to extract the four parameters of the solar cell, an optimized technique is presented by using a combination of LambertWfunction in its PadŽe-type approximation and the FindFit function in the Mathematica software package. By using the exact explicit analytical solutions, the current-voltage curves of the Au/SnO2-Si(n)/Al p-n junction solar cell are calculated and simulated. The results have the good agreement between the fitted currentvoltage curves and the experimental data of the corresponding solar cell. A closed form expression for the Lambert W function based on a PadŽe-type approximation is also provided.

*Applied Mathematics

Parameters extraction · Solar cell · Lambert W, function