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Numerical Approach to Predicting Thermodynamic Properties of Ternary AlNiPt Alloys

M. Zagula-Yavorska
J. Romanowska
S. Kotowski
J. Sieniawski
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2015
Volume: 127
Page range: 1573-1576

Thermodynamic properties of ternary AlNiPt system, such as exGAlNiPt, Al(AlNiPt), Ni(AlNiPt), and Pt(AlNiPt) at 1373 K were predicted on the basis of thermodynamic properties of binary systems included in the investigated ternary system. The idea of predicting exGAlNiPt values was regarded as calculation of values of exG function inside a certain area (a Gibbs triangle) unless all boundary conditions, that is values of exG on all legs of the triangle are known (exGAlNi, exGAlPt, exGNiPt). This approach is contrary to nding the function value outside a certain area, if the function value inside this area is known. exG and Lijk ternary interaction parameters in the Muggianu extension of the RedlichKister formalism are calculated numerically using the Mathematica program. The accepted values of the third component concentration xx diered from 0.01 to 0.1 mol fraction. Values of L parameters in the RedlichKister formula vary for dierent xx values, the 0LAlNiPt value in particular. Values of thermodynamic functions: exGAlNiPt, Al(AlNiPt), Ni(AlNiPt) and Pt(AlNiPt) do not dier signicantly for dierent xx values. The choice of xx value does not inuence the accuracy of calculations.

*Science > Physics