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Mathematica and Fortran programs for various analytic QCD couplings

Cesar Ayala
Gorazd Cvetic
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Year: 2015
Volume: 608

We outline here the motivation for the existence of analytic QCD models, i.e., QCD frameworks in which the running coupling A(Q2) has no Landau singularities. The analytic (holomorphic) coupling A(Q2) is the analog of the underlying pQCD coupling a(Q2)  s(Q2)=, and any such A(Q2) de nes an analytic QCD model. We present the general construction procedure for the couplings A(Q2) which are analytic analogs of the powers a(Q2). Three analytic QCD models are presented. Applications of our program (in Mathematica) for calculation of A(Q2) in such models are presented. Programs in both Mathematica and Fortran can be downloaded from the web page: gcvetic.usm.cl.

*Science > Physics