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Vickrey Auction Game as Mathematica Application

Miroslav D. Lutovac
Organization: University of Belgrade
Department: School of Electrical Engineering
Aleksandra M. Lutovac
Journal / Anthology

22nd Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2014
Year: 2014
Page range: 1023-1026

Auctions can be represented using applications of game theory because they present explicit trading rules. The efficient programming procedure based on game theory can be implemented in computer algebra systems (CAS). The knowledge can be hidden from user as the CAS application that can be used as regular built-in CAS function. This way, the user can focus to programming test of different strategies with different own strategy and strategies of other bidders with estimate private information. This paper presents the design of Mathematica application as an example CAS in that is programmed add-ons application that is available as built-in functions with all additional information such as error handling, help support, and help usage functionality.

*Applied Mathematics > Game Theory

auction, strategy, game theory, computer, algebra system