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The improved results with Mathematica and effects of external uncertainty and disturbances on synchronization using a robust adaptive sliding mode controller: a comparative study

Mohammad Shahzad
Organization: Department of General Requirements, College of Applied Sciences, Nizwa, Oman
Journal / Anthology

Nonlinear Dynamics
Year: 2015
Volume: 79
Page range: 20372054

In this computational article, the improved results when different chaotic systems are synchronized using robust adaptive sliding mode controller (RASMC) has been presented in which the simulation is based on Mathematica as well as the effects of external uncertainties (EU) and external disturbances (ED) have been studied in the synchronization of two different chaotic systems. For the same pairs (master and slave systems) of considered chaotic systems (Lorenz, Chen and Liu) and implemented technique (RASMC), a comparative study has been done between the results obtained using Mathematica and MATLAB, as well as the effects of EU and ED on the convergence of synchronization have been studied.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis