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A Dynamic Interface for Trade Pattern Formation in Multi-regional Multi-sectoral Input-output Modeling

George E. Halkos
Organization: University of Thessaly
Department: Laboratory of Operations Research, Department of Economics
Kyriaki D. Tsilika
Organization: University of Thessaly
Department: Department of Economics
Journal / Anthology

Computational Economics
Year: 2015
Volume: 46
Issue: 4
Page range: 671-681

This paper introduces a visual framework in computational environment for displaying multi-region, multi-sector classical models, associated with authors such Isard, Chenery, Moses, Leontief, Riefler and Tiebout. Based on the quantity and nature of trade data of each model, different conditions are imposed upon the matrix of trade coefficients T which result in various matrix partitioning schemes. Matrix T illustrates the interactions among interregional and intersectoral economic activities and is considered a key component in input-output modeling. Using MATHEMATICA as software tool we introduce a method to construct and present matrix T both graphically, with static and dynamic images, and analytically. The output produced enables understanding and/or teaching theoretical trade hypotheses. Furthermore, our computational approach produces random, structured matrices of trade coefficients, which makes possible infinite computer experiments with interregional input-output models of any size, without typing in input. The computer codes are fully presented and can be reproduced as they are in computational-based research practice and education.

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