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Two-point functions of conformal primary operators in N = 1 superconformal theories

Daliang Li
Organization: Yale University
Department: Department of Physics
Andreas Stergiou
Organization: Yale University
Department: Department of Physics
Journal / Anthology

Journal of High Energy Physics
Year: 2014
Volume: 10

In N = 1 superconformal theories in four dimensions the form of two-point functions of superconformal multiplets is known up to an overall constant. A superconformal multiplet contains several conformal primary operators, whose two-point function coefficients can be determined in terms of the multipletís quantum numbers. In this paper we work out these coefficients in full generality, i.e. for superconformal multiplets that belong to any irreducible representation of the Lorentz group with arbitrary scaling dimension and Rcharge. From our results we recover the known unitarity bounds, and also find all shortening conditions, even in non-unitary theories. For the purposes of our computations we have developed a Mathematica package for the efficient handling of expansions in Grassmann variables.

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