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Dispersion Equation of Low-Frequency Waves Driven by Temperature Anisotropy

Organization: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Department: Purple Mountain Observatory
Dejin WU
Organization: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Department: Purple Mountain Observatory
Journal / Anthology

Plasma Science and Technology
Year: 2012
Volume: 14
Issue: 10

The plasma temperature (or the kinetic pressure) anisotropy is an intrinsic char- acteristic of a collisionless magnetized plasma. In this paper, based on the two-°uid model, a dispersion equation of low-frequency (! ¿ !ci, !ci the ion gyrofrequency) waves, including the plasma temperature anisotropy e®ect, is presented. We investigate the properties of low-frequency waves when the parallel temperature exceeds the perpendicular temperature, and especially their dependence on the propagation angle, pressure anisotropy, and energy closures. The results show that both the instable Alfv¶en and slow modes are purely growing. The growth rate of the Alfv¶en wave is not a®ected by the propagation angle or energy closures, while that of the slow wave depends sensitively on the propagation angle and energy closures as well as pressure anisotropy. The fast wave is always stable. We also show how to elaborate the symbolic calculation of the dispersion equation performed using Mathematica Notebook.

*Science > Physics > Plasma Physics