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A Mathematica Program for the Accurate Correlation of Different Thermodynamic Properties of Saturated Pure Fluids

Organization: University of Extremadura
Department: Department of Mathematics
Organization: University of Extremadura
Department: Department of Applied Physics
Journal / Anthology

Chemical Engineering Communications
Year: 2013
Volume: 200
Page range: 317–326

We present a simple program written in Mathematica 8.0 that permits using a general analytical expression to accurately correlate different thermodynamic properties of a saturated pure fluid. In particular, the program permits one to obtain simple analytical expressions for the liquid density, vaporization enthalpy, surface tension, and the inverse of the isobaric heat capacity of a saturated liquid as a function of the temperature along the entire vapor-liquid coexistence curve. The general expression used is the same for all four thermodynamic properties. It takes the values at both critical and triple temperatures as referents and four or fewer adjustable coefficients for each property. The program displays the absolute and relative errors together with wide information about the error distribution. It can be therefore used as a research or a pedagogical tool.

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