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Robust Stability Assessment in the Presence of Load Dynamics Uncertainty

Hung D. Nguyen
Konstantin Turitsyn
Journal / Anthology

Year: 2014

Dynamic response of loads has a significant effect on system stability and directly determines the stability margin of the operating point. Inherent uncertainty and natural variability of load models make the stability assessment especially difficult and may compromise the security of the system. We propose a novel mathematical “robust stability” criterion for the assessment of small-signal stability of operating points. Whenever the criterion is satisfied for a given operating point, it provides mathematical guarantees that the system will be stable for any dynamic response of the loads. The criterion can be naturally used for identification of operating regions secure from the occurrence of Hopf bifurcation. Several possible applications of the criterion are discussed, most importantly the concept of Robust Stability Assessment Tool (RSAT) that could be integrated in dynamic security assessment packages and used in contingency screening and other planning and operational studies.

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DSA, Hopf bifurcation, load dynamics, robust, stability, voltage stability, SystemModeler