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Heat and mass transfer of two-layer flows of third-grade nano-fluids in a vertical channel

U. Farooq
Organization: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Department: State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering
T. Hayat
Organization: Quaid-i-Azam University
Department: Department of Mathematics
A. Alsaedi
Shijun Liao
Journal / Anthology

Applied Mathematics and Computation
Year: 2014
Volume: 242
Page range: 528540

The heat and mass transfer of two-layer flows of non-Newtonian (third-grade) fluid in a vertical channel is investigated in details, when one layer of water is nano-fluid and the other is clear, with the viscous dissipation. In each layer, the boundary-layer flow is governed by coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The systems of coupled nonlinear ODEs are solved analytically by means of a Mathematica package BVPh 2.0 based on the homotopy analysis method (HAM), an analytic approximation method for highly nonlinear problems. The influence of the physical parameters is studied in detailed. It is found that the layer of nano-fluid has many different properties from that of clear fluid. This paper also illustrates the validity and power of the HAM-based Mathematica package BVPh 2.0 for some complicated boundary-layer flows.

*Applied Mathematics
*Applied Mathematics > Computer Science