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Symbolic Computing Package for Mathematica for Versatile Manipulation of Mathematical Expressions

Youngjoo Chung
Organization: Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, Korea
Journal / Anthology

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Year: 2014
Volume: 8592
Page range: 21-25

Symbolic Computing package is an add-on package that facilitates symbolic computation in Mathematica. It enables display and interpretation of derivatives, integrals, sums, products, vector operators, brackets, and various forms of subscripts and superscripts using the traditional mathematical notation based on the low-level box language and contains over 700 functions for notation, algebraic manipulation and evaluation of mathematical expressions. The package function categories include: basic algebra, complex variables, differential calculus, elementary functions, equation solving, equations, formula manipulation, Fourier analysis, function analysis, integral calculus, operator analysis, polynomials and series, products, sums, trigonometric functions, vectors and matrices. The package has its own interpreter language, complete on-line documentation and two palettes for entering mathematical expressions and execution control of functions. This provides a powerful platform for streamlined manipulation of all or parts of an expression and will significantly enhance the capabilities of the kernel and userdefined functions. Development of the package and its applications to various topics of mathematics and related disciplines will be presented.